Cells at Work

(Welcome to Ani-time Ani-where, a regular column dedicated to helping the uninitiated understand and appreciate the world of anime.)

Whenever a piece of entertainment tries to be educational, it usually suffers from one of two things: either it shoves a bunch of facts down your throat to the point where it becomes overwhelming and dull, or it dumbs down the story to appeal to kids or complete newbies to a degree that it alienates the rest of its audience. 

Cells at Work! is different. This is an anime that takes the “edutaining” from Magic School Bus, the anthropomorphized cuteness of Inside Out, and the horror and gory violence of the “Anatomy Park” episode of Rick and Morty. The premise: we follow the inside of the human body, where cells are depicted as humans really dedicated to their jobs. Our main character is a red blood cell that always gets lost on her way to deliver boxes of oxygen to different locations, and a white blood cell that’s really good at slaughtering bacteria (and absolutely loves to kill them). It’s a godsend for nerds studying biology, and it basically confirms my belief that deep down, we’re all anime inside – an incredibly violent anime where cells are constantly on the edge of a gruesome and traumatic demise. Ahead of its second season, which is coming later this year, let’s revisit an anime that’s literally a story about you. Yes, you! Read More »