See Pixar’s Cars in 3D on December 12th 2008

No, John Lasseter’s Cars is not being re-released in 3D on December 12th, but you will be able to go to your local multiplex and see Pixar’s first short film in Digital Disney 3D. The Cars Toons short Tokyo Mater will be attached to Disney’s Bolt as the film enters its fourth week of release.  In the six minute short film, Mater the tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy) tells Lightning McQueen about his adventure drift-racing in downtown Tokyo.

If you remember, Pixar also did something like this with A Bugs Life, where they added extra blooper reels to the credits in an attempt to get moviegoers to return to the theater again. Bolt is a really great film, but it suffered from being released the same week as Twilight. With the addition of this new Pixar 3D short film, Disney is hoping to recover from the first week’s slump. Also, if you haven’t seen Bolt yet, you should know that the trailer for Pixar’s Up is also attached, presented in 3D.

You can see some photos from the short film on LatinoReview, ComingSoon, and AICN.

Cars Toons Clips

I’m not sure if anyone watched them, but Pixar aired the first of their series of Cars animated shorts aptly titled Cars Toons this week on Toon Disney (I’m not even sure if I have that channel?). Each of the three shorts that have been produced thus far feature Mater the rusty old tow truck, recounting tall tales from his earlier days. Cars was probably my least favorite of the Pixar films so far, so it might come as no surprise that I’m not super impressed by the Cars Toons. But hey, it’s Pixar, and I’m sure for every person like me that isn’t enthused, there are 100 little kids playing with little Cars toys. You can check out three clips from the three cartoons embedded after the jump. They appear to be from of an interview feature on MSN.
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