After nearly casting him out of New Moon then watching the actor become one of the movie’s biggest selling points, Summit has decided to keep on loving Taylor Lautner. The company has bought into Cancun, an action movie with a slightly misleading title. When I see ‘Cancun’ I don’t think of a teen version of “Taken meets Die Hard,” which is how Variety is describing this one.

Lautner would be “an out-of-place college kid who travels with a girl to Cancun on a break. While there, the girl and her friends are taken hostage by a drug cartel and he is forced to save them.” (That’s per THR.) In other words, the kid is being groomed as a dreamy new action star — that’s what doing some high kicks on SNL will get you. I say put him in a ring with Tony Jaa and then we’ll have a party. He won’t be in any shape to brood in the rain after that. The script is by Eric Champnella and Grant Thompson and production duties will be handled in part by the actor’s father, Dan Lautner.

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