California Split

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The MovieCalifornia Split

Where You Can Stream It: The Criterion Channel

The Pitch: Robert Altman directed this shaggy tale about a couple of disheveled gamblers who bet their way across the American West, from the poker tables of Southern California to the craps tables in Reno.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Elliott Gould and George Segal are excellent as two guys who are cut from the same cloth. Gould’s character is a full-time gambler, drifting from poker to the racetrack and taking action wherever he can get it. Segal’s character is a magazine writer – keep an eye out for a lightning-quick cameo from a young Jeff Goldblum as the magazine’s editor – and he finds himself mesmerized by the gambling lifestyle; he spends the whole movie blowing off work to go hang out with Gould. It’s hard to blame him, because wouldn’t we all want to hang out with 1970s-era Elliott Gould? Read More »