VOTD: ‘25 Years of Pixar’

We’ve featured a handful of director montages here on /Film recently, and while this “25 Years of Pixar” compilation isn’t quite that, it’s actually pretty similar. In terms of look, tone, and quality, I’d say Pixar is as consistent as many directors.

For the video, NkMcDonalds pulled scenes from works spanning over decades — from ’80s shorts to this year’s Cars 2. If you like Pixar as much as I do, it’ll definitely make you smile and it might even make you tear up a little tiny bit. Watch it after the jump.

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First Look: Pixar’s BURN-E

ThePixarBlog has a first look at Pixar’s new short film, BURN-E, which is including on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of WALL-E. Directed by WALL-E lead animator Angus MacLane, the seven and a half minute short film tells the story of the unfortunate little welder droid who is trying to install a replacement lamp and find a way back inside the Axiom Starliner (if you saw WALL-E then you saw how he got locked out).

BURN-E Details Revealed?

/Film reader DC claims to have more information on the upcoming WALL-E short film titled Burn-E which will be included on the DVD release. In the feature film there is a sequence where Eve and WALL-E fly around the Axiom Starliner, and enter through a door locking a poor welder bot on the outside of the ship. The bot bangs his fists against the door after he realizes that he has been locked out.

Apparently the welder bot is actually named BURN-E, complete with a logo very similar to the one mocked up by UpcomingPixar (seen above). This explains what Stanton meant when he told us that the short film would be “very connected to WALL-E.” So if I were to guess, I would say the short film will follow BURN-E on his journey to break back into the Axiom.

Pixar’s BURN-E

When I sat down with WALL-E director Andrew Stanton earlier this week, one of the questions I asked was if they were planning to release a short film for the DVD release. For those of you who don’t know, Pixar released a computer animated short film called Mike’s Car with Monster’s Inc, Jack Jack Attack was released with The Incredibles, Mater and The Ghostlight with Cars, and Your Friend The Rat on Ratatouille. Stanton told me:

“There is going to be a sci-fi short that is very connected to WALL-E. We were very conscious of making sure this was produced at the same time as the film. And I think that everyone will be pleasantly pleased.”

I grilled him for more information but he looked over to a Disney big wig who was in the room and said “I don’t think think I’m allowed to announce it, am I?” He laughed and said “Got to give us something to talk about for the next time you’re here.”

Well UpcomingPixar was able to find out more information from a member of the orchestra of WALL-E. Apparently the some of the crew was brought back this week to record the score for the computer animated short film which will be on the DVD/Blu-ray release. The short is called Burn-E and is about a robot named, well, Burn-E. No details were revealed, but I’m assuming this little robot has something to do with fire. The music was composed and conducted by JAC Redford, who is also orchestrator on the feature film. So there you have it.

WALL-E hits theaters on June 27th 2008.