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People have spent years joking about how Keanu Reeves is immortal, but now the actor is about to play an undying warrior – twice.

The Matrix star is set to star in a BRZRKR movie based on his new comic book series about a warrior who has been fighting for 80,000 years, and he’ll also lend his voice to an anime series that will expand the world seen in the comics and the movie. Both BRZRKR projects are lined up at Netflix. Read More »

keanu reevesi comic book

Keanu Reeves has worn many hats in his career: time traveler, assassin, possible real-life vampire. But Reeves’ latest gig may be one of his coolest. Reeves is becoming a real-life comic book writer, penning a comic book series for Boom! Studios with co-writer Matt Kindt. The limited 12-issue comic book series, titled BRZRKR, premieres this October and features a lead character that looks a lot like Reeves.

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