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This weekend sees the release of Brightburn, a movie that flew mostly under the radar until they dropped their first trailer and people realized the little genre movie James Gunn was producing was a superhero horror film.

Gunn’s longtime friend and protege David Yarovesky directed Brightburn from a script by Brian and Mark Gunn and they all aimed to do something new in the both the horror and superhero landscapes. This mashup of genres has already inspired tons of fan art and piqued the interest of cinephiles. (Read our review here.)

The story follows young Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), who crashed to Earth as a baby and was raised by Elizabeth Banks and David Denman as their own. He begins to discover he has superpowers, but unlike other similar origin stories there’s something not exactly right with Brandon, which becomes even more troubling now that he can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes.

I was able to talk with director David Yarovesky for half an hour and we dove into a lot of interesting stuff, like the inherant parallels between superhero stories and horror stories, the striking design and execution of Brandon’s mask and how this gory, R-rated movie is ultimately a bizarre love letter to his mother.

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brightburn review

What would happen if Kal-El crashed to Earth from Krypton, and grew up to be Michael Myers instead of Clark Kent/Superman? That’s the exact set-up of Brightburn, a nasty, gory superhero horror film from director David Yarovesky. Yarovesky and screenwriters Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn aren’t reinventing the wheel here. They’re not transcending genre, or attempting to take the superhero film into uncharted territory. Instead, they’re crafting a bleak, brutal subversion of the Superman mythos. And it works.

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final brightburn trailer

A final Brightburn trailer is here, and it’s embracing its horror movie roots. The James Gunn-produced movie asks an intriguing question: what if a Superman-like being came to our planet, and ended up embracing evil instead of good? The results, it appears, are terrifying. Watch the scary, pulse-pounding final Brightburn trailer below.

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Brightburn clip

What if there was something a little bit off about Superman when he was a kid? What if a boy with such immense power let his worst impulses control him and he made the turn into a full-blown supervillain? That’s the premise of Brightburn, and Sony Pictures has released a new clip from the movie featuring a key moment when the troubled kid at the story’s center (Jackson A. Dunn) discovers one of his superpowers. Check out the new Brightburn clip below. Read More »

brightburn red band clip

The trailers for Brightburn have not been wanting for gore, doubling down on the film’s mandate as a subversive superhero horror film. The dark take on superhero mythology borrows from Superman iconography and gives them a horrific twist. But sometimes you just have to go straight horror. The latest Brightburn red band clip leans into the movie’s horror elements, giving us an extended version of the diner scene that we got a glimpse of in previous trailers. Watch the Brightburn red band clip below.

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brightburn extended trailer

Brightburn, the horror movie twist on the Superman origin story, has a new extended trailer, and it’s definitely worth watching. This dark and twisted take on superhero mythology hails from producer James Gunn, and looks like a remake of Richard Donner’s Superman and Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, done as a scary movie. It’s an exciting, different approach to the superhero sub-genre, and I can’t wait to see it. Watch the Brightburn extended trailer below.

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brightburn trailer

What if Superman wasn’t good? It’s a nightmare dreamt up by plenty of comic book writers, supervillains, and Batman himself, but the new James Gunn-produced horror film plays out that scenario in full. Brightburn imagines a Superman origin story that goes horribly wrong, in which an alien, superpowered young boy decides to use his powers for evil.

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Brightburn Trailer

BrightBurn has been an incredibly well-kept secret for months. While we’ve long-known that James Gunn was producing the film, and reuniting with his Slither star Elizabeth Banks, plot details have been kept under tight lock and key. We didn’t even know the official title until very recently. Now, the BrightBurn trailer is here, offering us our first real footage of the David Yarovesky-directed horror film. Watch the BrightBurn trailer below.

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Sony Pictures - Columbia Pictures - Holmes and Watson Release Date

Sony Pictures is shifting some of the movies intended for release towards the end of 2018.

First up, is a big delay for James Gunn’s mysterious horror film BrightBurn, which will now open in May of 2019. But the film’s original November 2018 release date will be filled by another horror film called The Possession of Hannah Grace. Meanwhile, there’s a release date now in place for the psychological thriller The Intruder, and a later release date for the comedy Holmes and Watson. Get all the new release date details below. Read More »

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