You Might Be the Killer Review

Brett SimmonsYou Might Be The Killer is not Cabin In The Woods 2.0, but that doesn’t stop stay-up-late genre manipulation from scoring uptempo playground thrills. Remember Fran Kranz? Drew Goddard’s lovable cabin stoner with an extendable, collapsing bong? Travel seven years into our future (from the 2011 release), and he’s lambasting horror norms once again thanks to a massively viral Twitter thread turned feature. Dead serious.

You Might Be The Killer lifts from a satirical tweet exchange between online personalities/authors Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig. That sounds like the makings of a cinematic disaster, but fret not. Simmons controls a splattery, wildly witty, elbow-your-horror-buddy-because-this-’ish-hilarious meta flick focused on sleepaway excitement. Friday The 13th from *maybe* the killer’s view? Inside man, style?

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