dead alive 4k

Peter Jackson may be more well-known now for his epic Lord of the Rings films, but he started his career creating ultra-gory schlock horror. Films like Dead Alive and Bad Taste, loaded with bloody practical effects and a wicked sense of humor. As of now, the only versions of these films available to the general public are not exactly what you’d call “high definition.” The quality is spotty, degrading all the bright red blood Jackson worked so hard to splash up on the screen. But there’s hope in sight. Jackson himself has revealed he’s working on new Bad Taste and Dead Alive 4K restorations, hinting that new Blu-rays might be on the way.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining BrainDead

This fall, CBS will venture into genre television with a Supergirl series premiering in November, and it sounds like this is just the beginning of the network’s new direction into previously uncharted territory.

CBS is working on a new comedic thriller series called BrainDead, which sees Congress and plenty of other Washington DC staffers having their brains eaten by invading aliens, causing the government to stop working. Here’s where your uncle says, “Kind of like the government today, am I right?”

And now news has surfaced of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Death Proof and Smashed star Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining BrainDead in a lead role. Get more details on the show below! Read More »