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After a decade of false starts, I’ll believe that a film or television adaptation of Jeff Smith‘s Bone actually exists when I sit down to watch it. And yet, I can’t help but feel pretty good about it this time. Netflix has revealed that the lauded comic book series, a wry blend of fantasy and comedy, is coming to the streaming platform as an animated show. Honestly, this already feels like a perfect fit for the material.

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If you were to corner me in a darkened alley and place a gun against my head and demand to know my favorite comic book of all time, I’d say Jeff Smith’s Bone. And you wouldn’t even have to go through with the theatrics. Ask me about favorite comic book series of all time in a public space on a sunny day and I’d still tell you all about how Bone is one of the finest achievements in all of sequential art, an adventure story that is funny, adorable, ambitious, filled with unforgettable characters, and never afraid to take its audience down a dark path when necessary. It’s a 55-issue masterpiece.

And they’ve been trying to make it into an animated movie since 2008, with director P.J. Hogan signing on to the project in 2012. Now, it looks like Warner Bros. is starting over from scratch, recruiting Mark Osborne (Kung Fu Panda) to direct and Adam Kline to write the screenplay.

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P.J. Hogan to Direct ‘Bone’ For Warner Bros.

For many years a film has been in development based on the wonderful comic series Bone by Jeff Smith. The comic tells the story of three cousins lost in a strange land, where they’re caught in the flare-up of an old conflict and realization of an ancient prophecy.

Bone was one of the best things to come out of the self-publishing wave of black and white comics in the early ’90s. Initially championed by Dave Sim in the pages of Cerebus and very quickly embraced by both critics and audiences, the series ran 55 issues and stands as a landmark piece of comic storytelling. It has been republished in color and seems to find a new audience every few years.

The last time we heard about a possible film was when Jeff Smith revealed that he was “actually excited” about a four-minute CGI test clip. Warner Bros. is planning an animated three-film arc based on the comics, and a writer and director have finally been hired. Patrick Sean Smith, creator of the show Greek, is writing, and P.J. Hogan (Muriel’s Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Peter Pan) will direct. Read More »

There is no shortage of terrible comic books that have been the beneficiaries of movie development deals that move along at a brisk pace. Throw a rock in Hollywood and you’re likely to hit a half-dozen examples of poorly drawn, hackneyed crap with great development deals, or good pieces of material with terrible deals. (When you do throw that rock, if I may once again borrow from Barton Fink, throw it hard.) But every once in a while one of the really great pieces of material ends up under the watchful eye of someone who keeps it from falling into the polluted hot tub where Green Lantern, Elektra and Judge Dredd are lounging like hairy swingers with eager eyes and very loose definitions of ‘disease free.’

Such is the case with Jeff Smith‘s Bone, a really tremendous piece of comic storytelling that tells a tale of prophecy, a princess, a dragon and three cousins lost in a strange land. The title has been in development hell for many years; a few bad scripts have come and, thankfully, gone. Jeff Smith now seems to be optimistic about the future, as Warner Bros. has a new draft in the works and just put together a four-minute short that wowed him. Read More »


We last reported nearly a year ago that Warner Brothers was aiming to develop a live-action film version of Tom and Jerry, with the titular cat and mouse being CG. Needless to say, it seemed like a bad idea. Just recently our pal Frosty got a chance to speak with the film’s producer, Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation), and they also chatted about Lin’s upcoming CG adaptation of the fantasy epic comic Bone. We learn what drove him to work on those projects, and also find out quite a bit on Bone — which has the potential to be all sorts of awesome if done right.

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While many people are excited about all the developments around films from Marvel and DC, the comic book movies I’m interested in are a bit different. I’d love to see Dave McKean’s Cages, yes. And I’m wildly curious about how Jeff Smith‘s massive fantasy epic Bone will play on the screen. Now Smith is saying the story could be told in a series of three films. Read More »


“Happy day.”

If you eagerly went to the local comic book store on weekends throughout the ’90s you no doubt recognize the lil’ white dude above named Fone Bone. Created by artist Jeff Smith, the Bone comics remain one the industry’s biggest DIY success stories, published independently from 1991 to 2004. Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to the comics and is planning a feature film. It’s undecided whether the film will be animated or live-action or a fantastical mixture of both. Dan Lin, who is also attached to a He-Man movie, is on board to produce with Smith executive producing.

Winner of numerous awards, the Bone series follows a family of three bald, white, cartoonish characters named Fone Bone, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone on their adventures throughout a fantasy world populated by predatory creatures. They are all wistful to return to their homeland, called Boneville, from which they were kicked out, and are taken under the wing of a human gal named Thorn Harvestar and her grandmother. They learn of a mysterious evil force called Lord of the Locusts that pervades the land.

What makes this project promising is that it’s original, quite mature source material and Smith is known not to compromise. Many years ago Nickelodeon Films was set to make an animated Bone feature, but Smith balked when they suggested that it take on a child-like tone, complete with songs by Britney Spears. Chalk this news up to a big W.

Discuss: Cool news to you? Who should voice (or play, if applicable, lol) the Bone cousins?

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