Though Skyfall stars some familiar faces, including Judi Dench and, of course, Daniel Craig, the cast list also includes many more that we don’t know so much about. Some fresh info has just dropped on some of those franchise newcomers — the characters played by Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, and Ola Rapace, to be specific. After the jump, check out new photos of Bardem in villain mode, and read up on details about what Harris and Rapace will be doing in the film.

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Briefly: One of the names often mentioned as a late addition to the cast of Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond movie, is Helen McCrory. When EON Productions held a press conference last week to announce the title of the film and the beginning of the shoot, McCrory’s name was not mentioned.

Today, however, the official Bond Twitter account has confirmed that McCrory will have a part in the movie. Along with her comes the announcement that Ola Rapace, the ex-husband of actress Noomi Rapace, will also be in the movie. We don’t know anything about the role that either actor will play at this point. This will, I believe, be the first major feature role for Ola Rapace in an English language film.

Sam Mendes directs Skyfall, which stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes, and Albert Finney. It will be released on October 26, 2012 in the U.K. and November 9, 2012 in the U.S.

After months — years, really — of rumors about the next James Bond film, it’s nice to finally have some actual facts to sink our teeth into. As shooting on the film began today, director Sam Mendes, his producers, and several of his stars held a press conference giving away some tidibts about the film we’ve been referring to as Bond 23. Among the things we’ve learned: the actual title of the film, which characters some of the actors will be playing, and a basic concept of the plot. More details after the jump.

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Briefly: We will know a lot of real, reliable details about Bond 23 within the next twelve hours. Today James Bond joined Facebook, and tomorrow morning the spy even gets his own Twitter account. (Username @007, naturally.) Use of social media may not be the best way to go about investigating global criminal acts (no “@Blofeld is one Persian away from crazy cat lady,” please) but it is one of the best ways to deliver info about a new movie. Read More »

Albert Finney Joins ‘Bond 23’

After the relatively disappointing Quantum of Solace, crippled by the writers’ strike, there are a lot of big hopes for Bond 23, which will be directed by Sam Mendes and may be called Skyfall.

While we know very little reliable info about the story that will be featured in the film, the cast is shaping up to be capable of fulfilling those hopes. Daniel Craig returns as James Bond, and Judi Dench returns to play M. And in this installment we’ll see one of M’s powerful superior government officers, played by Albert Finney. Read More »

Javier Bardem Confirmed For ‘Bond 23’

We’re still in the grey zone with respect to real news about the next James Bond film. Rumored to be called Skyfall, we’re still just calling it Bond 23 for now. There will be a press conference early next month to announce the beginning of production, at which point we’ll likely get a batch of official info.

But for now, we’ll take a statement from Javier Bardem confirming that he’s playing the bad guy in the movie. (Or one of the bad guys, at least.) Along with that confirmation, there are confirmations that French actress Berenice Marlohe will be in the film, as will Ben Whishaw (who is shooting the Tykwer/Wahcowski Cloud Atlas right now) and Harry Potter‘s Helen McCrory.

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We’re still mired in the Bond 23 guessing game as the shoot date of the movie approaches. We know that Sam Mendes is directing Daniel Craig and a few other returning cast members in the movie, and that it will shoot partially in India and Istanbul.

The title of the movie has been a mystery and still is — that’s why we’ve just called it Bond 23 for some time — but now there are reports that suggest the film could be titled Skyfall. Read More »

As a start date looms for the 23rd James Bond film, currently referred to simply as Bond 23, we’re starting to learn bits and pieces about the picture. The latest intel involves the film’s opening sequence, which will see the franchise returning to Istanbul. (The location was used in From Russia With Love and The World is Not Enough.)

And while that report says that a Turkish actress is being sought to play “a villain’s girlfriend,” there is a more credible report that one of the film’s major female roles may go to French actress Bérénice Marlohe. Read More »

Confirmed details on Sam MendesBond 23 are still scarce, but it seems screenwriter John Logan may have let slip a very useful detail about the villain. At a talk earlier this week, Logan hinted that iconic Bond baddie Ernst Stavro Blofeld just might be making an appearance in the upcoming film. Logan didn’t go so far as to actually announce anything, but hey, until we have a better idea of the plot, we’re gonna sit here and read into every dubious crumb of information that gets out. Read more after the jump.

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