akira bluray

I love my 2001 tin-case DVD release of Akira, but since word hit the street that the film was getting a high-definition Bluray restoration I’ve been aching to learn how it was going to be improved. A recent post over at Blu-ray.com sheds some light on this highly anticipated release, and thankfully, it sounds like we’re getting more than just a higher-resolution version of the 2001 Akira release.

From the site:

Even though AKIRA had major restoration work done for the 2001 DVD release, including a 1080p theatrical quality master, advances in digital restoration and film transfer technologies have increased to the point where a brand new transfer was warranted. As with the audio, a new inter-positive was struck from the original film negative for a new scan into a digital intermediate (DI); the master computer file upon which all of the remastering work was performed.

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