NYCC 2019 Funko POPs

New York Comic-Con is coming in just a few weeks, and along with all the usual news that comes out of the convention about blockbuster movies and your favorite and newly anticipated TV shows, there is also plenty of exclusive merchandise. Since this is one of the biggest pop culture conventions in the United States, exclusive Funko POPs will be there in full force, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite reveals that will be on sale at the convention. Check out the NYCC Funko POPs below. Read More »

Bluntman v Chronic Poster

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us, and Kevin Smith is preparing to debut the first trailer and a sneak peek from his forthcoming movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The movie treads the same territory as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back with the titular stoners setting out to stop a reboot of the fictional movie Bluntman and Chronic. However, this time instead of being a goofy adaptation of the comic book that’s full of dick and fart jokes, Hollywood decided to take the tokin’ duo in a different direction.

Kevin Smith has revealed the teaser poster for Bluntman v Chronic, the movie-within-a-movie at the center of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. As you can see, Smith is clearly riffing on the gritty darkness of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the actors bringing this new version of the stoner superheroes to life clearly aren’t Jason Biggs and James Van Der Beek again. Get a better look at the Bluntman v Chronic poster below. Read More »

Just because Kevin Smith is retiring from filmmaking doesn’t mean his creations have to. The superhero team of Bluntman and Chronic, which first appeared in Chasing Amy and played a significant role in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, will soon be animated and put online with Jason Mewes himself set to produce. A Bluntman and Chronic movie? Who’d pay to see that? More after the jump. Read More »

Kevin Smith to make Animated Movie

Clerks Cartoon

A Clerks: The Cartoon direct to DVD feature film has been in the works for years now. But it looks like fans will have to wait a little longer, because Kevin Smith has slipped that he has found another animated feature he would like to do before that.
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