Theme Park Movies and Scenes

This weekend, director Brad Bird takes into a whole new world with the Disney sci-fi adventure Tomorrowland. The film starring Britt Robertson and George Clooney is influenced and inspired by the real-life Disney theme park attraction of the same name (even if references to Walt Disney were cut out of the movie). Therefore, this seems like the perfect time to take a look back at some of our favorite theme park movies and scenes from the big screen.

Below we have a countdown of the Top 15 Favorite Theme Park Movies & Scenes. Frankly, there aren’t an overwhelming number of theme park-based movies before you start getting into bad movie territory (such as Beverly Hills Cop III or Final Destination 3). That’s why we’ve included some great scenes from films that might not be entirely set at a theme park. We’ve also expanded the concept to include carnivals, fairs and water parks, because it just makes sense. Check out the list after the jump! Read More »

Finding Nemo / Blackfish

The wave of negative publicity that slammed SeaWorld following the release of Gabriela Cowperthwaite‘s Blackfish came as no surprise, seeing as the documentary exposed the park’s inhumane treatment of orca whales. But now the film is also having an unexpected impact on an unrelated company.

In the wake of the public reaction to Blackfish, Pixar has decided to tweak the ending of Finding Dory, which involves a marine park. The overall plotline reveals under wraps at this time. Hit the jump to find out what they’re planning to change about the movie.

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The documentary Blackfish looks into the death of a Sea World employee who was drowned by the killer whale she trained. In 2010 the orca Tilikum gripped 40-year-old female trainer Dawn Brancheau in his mouth, drowning her during a performance. The film uses that death to look at the way the species is treated in captivity, and at the effect certain conditions have on the animals’ well-being. The orca whale is related to very few human injuries in the wild, but Tilikum has been connected with three human deaths in the span of two decades.

This look at Blackfish presents experts proclaiming the intelligence and awareness of the animals, and also talking about the process of capturing and penning the creatures, which is significantly less than humane. What happens when intelligence and mistreatment collide? As one interviewee says, “[It] probably led to what I think is a psychosis.”

This trailer for Blackfish is chilling not for the behavior of Tilikum, despite the fact that relatively few people seem to know about the 2010 death, but for the inherent horror aspect related to a creature lashing out at conditions in captivity. Read More »

Have you been following our coverage of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival? It’s been a crazy six days so far and with five days to go, who knows what great films are left to discover or get on your radar. So far, we’ve reviewed (or at least discussed) nearly 20 different movies that you will be talking about later this year and have plenty more on the way. Some of the highlights include Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color, Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling’s The East, Michael Cera in Crystal Fairy, the horror sequel S-VHS, Richard Linklater’s incredible Before Midnight and the controversial Escape from Tomorrow. Click on each of those for the reviews.

We also reviewed such buzzed about films as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon’s Addiction, the star-studded comedy The Way Way Back, and James Ponsoldt’s teen drama The Spectacular Now, all of which have been picked up for distribution. For everything else we’ve written so far, click on this link.

The latest films picked up for distrubution include Toy’s House, about a group of kids who run away from home and build a house in the woods, the tense real-life thriller Fruitvale and the Jack Kerouac/Daniel Radcliffe film Kill Your Darlings, the real life porn story Lovelace, David Gordon Green’s Paul Rudd/Emile Hirsch comedy Prince Avalanche, among others.

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