Bad Santa 2 Release Date

Two movies about two very different men have just been given release dates in fall 2016. Broad Green Pictures has given Bad Santa 2 a prime holiday release during a crowded time at the Thanksgiving box office while Clint Eastwood‘s movie Sully, about the quick, smart actions of pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks), will arrive a couple months earlier on the big screen. Get the release dates and what we know about each movie after the jump. Read More »

Looks like Billy Bob Thornton is set with cast and financing for his next directorial effort, Jayne Mansfield’s Car. But it also looks like neither of the recently reported additions, Dennis Quaid and Dwight Yoakam, might be in the movie. Get the full new roster after the break. Read More »

I’ve just finished reading Pat Rushin‘s screenplay to the film The Zero Theorem which is set to start shooting in May, under director Terry Gilliam and producer Richard Zanuck, and which will star Billy Bob Thornton. To pigeonhole it, because I suspect you want me to at least try, I’ll call it a science-fiction drama that skidded on the turnpike and ended up ditched in a psychogenic fugue.

My first impression on finishing the script is simple – I really can’t believe this was given the greenlight. I’m absolutely ecstatic that it was, but still utterly shocked – the budget must be very reasonable. To put it simply, this was a smart and unpredictable screenplay that will not only require intelligence on the part of everybody in the cast and crew, but the audience will also be expected to switch on and fire all cylinders too. Are they going to be prepared to do that?  I think they’ll be thankful for the opportunity.

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It became apparent a month or two ago that Terry Gilliam was working with producer Richard Zanuck and screenwriter Pat Rushin on Zero Theorem. Just what that film was going to be wasn’t so apparent.

So I e-mailed Rushin… and he sent me a very nice, polite “Can’t Tell You” type response. But he did send me a short story he had written, in order to demonstrate the sensibility he’d also applied to Zero Theorem – or, to give it his pet-name, Zip-T. I’m happy to report that Vow: A Prolix Parable was wonderful, like an episode from The Phantom of Liberty if written by Borges.

News finally breaks today – in France, for no clear reason other than they are a generally somewhat cine-literate nation and appreciate Gilliam more than many other places – that the project is to go before cameras as of the 1st of May. Thanks, Tout Le Cine, you’ve given me a grin so wide that a mild breeze could blow the top half of my head clean off.

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