You had to think while MTV was making stars out of the guys from Jackass and Tom Green, there was a guy sitting at home thinking, “Hey, I did that years ago.” There was and his name was Ralph Zavadil, the star of The Cap’n Video Show on Canadian public access TV from 1990-1995. On the show,  Zavadil basically brutalized his body for the audience’s amusement years before that became cool or could make $50 or $60 million in a weekend at the box office.

In a new film called Beauty Day, filmmaker Jay Cheel has not only chronicled the rise, fall and cultural impact of The Cap’n Video Show, he was on the scene for the comeback. The film will premiere at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of their Canadian Front series next month but right now you can check out the trailer for the movie and more after the break. Read More »