VOTD: A Scene From The Bazooka Joe Movie

Bazooka Joe

Last week it was announced that Michael Eisner was developing a movie adaptation of Bazooka Joe, the one-eyed baseball cap-wearing character from the bubblegum comics. Such a dumbass concept needs little to no planning, and has been quietly been fast tracked into production (rumor has it that the director just graduated from high school last week). Funny Or Die has gotten their hands on a scene from the film (not really, but lets pretend. Besides, Eric Appel’s version is probably a lot better than thae real thing). Watch it after the jump
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terminator salvation posters

In this episode of the /Filmcast, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley evaluate their familiarity with the character of Bazooka Joe, wonder why someone bothered buying the rights to the Battleship board game, get cynical about the new Sherlock Holmes trailer, and try to make sense of the time travel mechanics of Terminator Salvation. Special guest Jeff Cannata joins us from the Totally Rad Show!

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Bazooka Bubble Gum

Has it really come to this?  The search for the a bankable property or popular story started off simple and innocently with adaptations of popular books, sequels, and comic book films. And in the last two decades, we’ve had video game movies, theme park ride adaptations, cartoons/anime turned live-action, tv to film, movies based toys and action figures, and most recently board game film adaptations.

But now Hollywood is sinking to new lows. Tonight it was announced that Michael Eisner is adapting a a film based on bubble gum. That’s right — GUM!
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