Jakob's Wife Trailer

Barbara Crampton is a minister’s wife turned vampire in Jakob’s Wife, the new horror film from director Travis Stevens (Girl on the Third Floor). Crampton’s character, Anne, feels like she’s been stuck in a rut for 30 years, but that all changes when she ends up attacked by someone…or something. Coming away from the attack with bite marks on her neck and a newfound thirst for blood, Anne’s entire existence is about to change. Watch the Jakob’s Wife trailer below.

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castle freak remake

Castle Freak, a somewhat obscure 1990s horror film from Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon, will live again. A Castle Freak remake is in the works from Full Moon and Fangoria, and the cast is now in place to start shooting next month. The new Castle Freak will once again focus on a hideous creature lurking within the bowels of a castle, but this new version will add even more Lovecraftian elements to the proceedings.

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death house trailer

Are you ready to journey to the Area 51 of evil? I sure as hell hope so, because here comes Death House! Featuring a cast that will be very familiar to horror aficionados and written by Gunnar Hansen, the man who played Leatherface, Death House is set in a secret prison full of murderous inmates. Watch the Death House trailer below, if you dare!

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Barbara Crampton was a favorite of ‘80s horror fans with her lead roles in films like Re-Animator, From Beyond and Chopping Mall. She was also a mainstay on soap operas like The Young and the Restless, Guiding Light and The Bold and the Beautiful. Those fans were happy to see Crampton again in You’re Next, which led to a comeback and continued roles in films like We Are Still Here, Beyond the Gates and now Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich.

Puppet Master was a long running low-budget horror series from producer Charles Band beginning in 1989 under his Full Moon label. Now, a re-imagining starring Thomas Lennon, Udo Kier and Charlyne Yi is coming out in theaters. Lennon plays a collector who discovers the valuable Andre Toulon puppets and becomes trapped in a museum when they re-animate and go on a killing spree. Crampton plays a guard in that museum, who’s well versed in the mythology of creator Andre Toulon. The correct pronunciation of Toulon doesn’t translate in print but trust when you see the movie, she’s saying it right.

Crampton spoke with /Film by phone about her role in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, and a look back at her career in horror movies. Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich opens Friday, August 17.

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channel zero season 4

Horror icon Barbara Crampton (don’t call her a scream queen) has joined the cast of Channel Zero season 4. The new season, subtitled The Dream Door, focuses on a married couple who find a mysterious door in their basement. Needless to say, creepy stuff happens.

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Puppet Master The Littlest Reich Trailer

Those murderous marionettes are back in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. This is somehow the 13th entry in the Puppet Master franchise, because you just can’t contain such an incredible story into one film. The latest Puppet Master flick hails from directors Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, with a script by Bone Tomahawk scribe S. Craig Zahler. Watch the Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich trailer below…if you dare.

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We Are Still Here trailer

Riding a wave of good festival showings and positive reviews, the horror film We Are Still Here begins to hit theaters and VOD this weekend. Ted Geoghegan made the film as his directorial debut, and the story follows a couple as they attempt to put a traumatic loss behind them by moving to a nice house out in the New England countryside. But the house has secrets, and it hungers. There’s clearly a vein of humor that runs through this one, alongside inspiration from Lovecraft and some other weird fiction. Check out the new We Are Still Here trailer below. Read More »

‘We Are Still Here’ Trailer: Satisfy the Darkness

We Are Still Here trailer

We Are Still Here looks like a mean, constrained monster movie, as it follows a couple who move into a new home, only to find that they have stumbled into a situation that will claim their lives. The film is set to play in the Midnight lineup at SXSW in Austin, TX in March.

This We Are Still Here trailer is a great introduction to the film — it begins with a casual conversation featuring comments about murder and unwitting cannibalism, and then jumps right into monsters punching right through someone’s chest. Genre faves like Barbara Crampton and Larry Fesseden are in the cast, and We Are Still Here looks almost like a spin on Lovecraftian horror. Check out the footage below. Read More »


Almost two years ago, Toronto Film Festival and Fantastic Fest audiences made a lot of noise about the bloody home-invasion thriller You’re Next. Now everyone gets to see what those few people were talking about.

Director Adam Wingard (A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S) and screenwriter Simon Barrett (A Horrible Way to Die) have come up with a great spin on the hoary old home invasion movie, and populated it with a cast that is ready get dirty and bloody. Indie and genre faves (Sharni Vinson, AJ Bowen, Barbara Crampton, Amy Seimetz) and filmmakers (Joe SwanbergTi West) play members of a large family who come together for a celebration dinner at a relatively remote home in the country. The clan quickly finds that it has been targeted by masked assailants who have staked out the house with very violent intent.

A great use of Lou Reed’s song ‘Perfect Day’ helps this trailer establish and then build tension. By the end you might be as impatient for the August release of You’re Next as the film’s creators must be. Read More »

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You're Next hallway

In 2011, one of the hits of TIFF and Fantastic Fest was Adam Wingard‘s home invasion thriller You’re Next. The film drew raves at just a couple of festival screenings and was snapped up by LionsGate. But rather than releasing the film quickly, the studio held on to it for a while. After appearing once at Fantastic Fest in September 2011, the film was dormant until just over a week ago, when it played at SXSW.

Now You’re Next has a release set for August 23 this year, and we’ve got the first wave of new promo materials for the film. The movie is built around a family reunion at a semi-remote mansion, and observes as a group of masked intruders attacks the family with murderous intent. The opening promo salvo is a set of teaser posters that show off the masks, and that give a sense of the dire atmosphere that pervades much of the film. Read More »