In making the Back to the Future video game, Telltale Games has proved time and time again that they’re huge fans and very respectful of the source material. For example with the third episode in their series of games, called Citizen Brown, they were able to get Claudia Wells, the original Jennifer, to reprise her role as Marty’s girlfriend. Wells played the role in the original 1985 film but, due to a family illness, was unable to come back for the sequels and was replaced by Elizabeth Shue. Obviously proud to be part of film history, Wells does appear on the new Blu-ray set and, as you’ll see in the video below, was very happy to reprise the role for the video game. Check out what we mean after the break. Read More »

In our desensitized world, it’s becoming more and more difficult to shock people. Occasionally, you’ll be shocked at the movies or on TV but to shock someone in a video game seems impossible. Until you look at the photo above. IGN has some videos from The Force Unleashed 2 downloadable content Battle for Endor that not only show Princess Leia being murdered, but Chewbacca and – yes –  Han Solo too. Seeing these iconic characters die – even in a video game – is pretty shocking.

In other movie related video games news, we finally have a release date for the first episode of the brand new Back to the Future video game, info on a new Conan game being developed and info on the death – once again – of an Ender’s Game project, this time the video game. Read about them all and watch the sacrilegious videos after the jump. Read More »

Trailer: Back to the Future: The Game

As you know by now, Telltale Games is about to release a series of new episodic video games based off the Back to the Future franchise. Series Co-creator/co-writer/co-producer Bob Gale is grandfathering the five-episode game series with Christopher Lloyd reprising his role as Doc Brown in the games, providing his likeness and recording a bunch of new dialogue. Michael J Fox was unavailable so newcomer A.J. LoCascio is voicing Marty McFly. The first game (which will be released later this month on PC and Mac, and later on for PS3 and iPad) will follow the further adventures of Marty McFly, and take place six months after the end of Back to the Future Part III.

Telltale Games have released the first trailer for the game, which gives us a hint of what to expect in the first episode. Hit the jump to watch the trailer now. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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