Way back in 2008, we heard that a comic book series called Atlantis Rising was being developed as a feature, with a script by Joby Harold. The story is tentpole-type stuff in which a series of deep-sea earthquakes turn out to be the first stage of an encounter with the lost kingdom of Atlantis.

Joby Harold has gone on to write things like the Zack Snyder-developed Army of the Dead, a possible Brian De Palma movie, The Key Man, and a draft of the Tom Cruise sci-fi film All You Need Is Kill. But Atlantis Rising ended up sinking, and we’ve heard nothing about the project for quite a while.

Now it returns, as Immortals producer Mark Canton is developing a new take on the story. He takes over where Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci left off when the film was at Dreamworks in ’08. Read More »

Joby Harold To Write Atlantis Rising

Awake screenwriter Joby Harold has been hired to adapt Platinum Studios’ five-part apocalyptic sci-fi comic book mini-series Atlantis Rising. Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard helmer Len Wiseman is set to direct.

Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci originally brought the project to DreamWorks, and will produce the project. THR says that Dreamworks envisions Atlantic Rising as “a big-budget, effects-driven sci-fi war movie in the vein of the James Cameron-directed Aliens and The Abyss.” Wow, high expectations. The book’s official plot description follows:

“After more than a thousand years of peaceful coexistence, Atlantis and the surface world are on the brink of war with the fate of both civilizations hanging in the balance.”

Sounds like a pretty cool concept — a war between the inhabitants of the land and the sea? You can read the first four issues of the comic book for free on drunkduck.com. Wiseman will probably helm Motorcade first. The film is being aimed for a Summer 2011 release.