300 PosterLet’s face it. National Lampoon hasn’t produced anything good since may-be Christmas Vacation (and that’s debatable in most people’s minds). Well now the crew that made Animal House, and a bunch of recent bombs you wouldn’t reccognize have decided to spoof the sword-andsandal films with National Lampoon’s 301: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus Wallace Leonidas. According to Variety, “Protag is Awesomest, an out-of-shape Spartan general who fails forward on a path to greatness.” Sounds like a disaster in the making. I have an idea, why not have National Lampoon attempt something more original?

Last month we reported that Robert Moniot, the guy behind the popular internet short Pearl Harbor 2: Pearlmageddon, had gotten the greenlight from Sony to make Armageddagain: The Day Before Tomorrow, a movie that would spoof all those epic over-the-top Michael Bay-type action movies. That film sounds like it has much more potential.

Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon

A few months ago we wrote an article on why we thought 20th Century Fox’s Epic Movie was a huge wasted opportunity. We wondered why a spoof comedy had not yet been made for all the huge action blockbusters. We asked, why Epic Movie instead decided to crack jokes at Willy Wonka and Borat. We didn’t understand the logic, and still don’t. And now, Screen Gems has given the greenlight to the movie of our dreams (okay, movie of our dreams is a bit much… movie of our brief thoughts would be more accurate).

Sony’s second tier genre studio will make Armageddagain: The Day Before Tomorrow, the first feature film by Robert Moniot. You probably don’t know Moniot, but you may have seen his 2001 short film Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon. And if you haven’t, we have it for you below. Obviously Robert has been working on this big budget blockbuster spoof comedy idea for a while now.

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