Leonardo DiCaprio apple

Update: This deal between Apple and Appian Way was originally said to include film projects, but that is not the case. Appian Way has since signed a first-look deal with Sony that encompasses film projects, so this Apple deal is just for TV and documentaries. Our original article continues.

Leonardo DiCaprio is heading to the big Apple.

Appian Way Productions, DiCaprio’s production company, has signed a multi-year first-look deal with Apple for upcoming film and TV projects, making him the latest high-profile name to partner with Apple during the technology company’s push into the world of entertainment.
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Island TV adaptation

Acclaimed writer Aldous Huxley is best known for his 1932 novel Brave New World, which you probably had to read in high school. (A new TV adaptation of that book is currently airing on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s new streaming service.) But while Brave New World explored a dystopian world, Huxley’s final novel, the 1962 book Island, served as a counterpoint, diving into the idea of a utopian society instead. Now Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Appian Way production company is set to make an Island TV series. Get the details below. Read More »