Life doesn’t include an instruction manual when it comes to handling grief. We all process loss and cope in our own ways. For me? I’ve taken to expression through written words, most recently about how The Farewell helped me say goodbye to a loved one. For the prolific indie producer Ant Timpson? He conceptualized and directed a violent, offbeat, absolutely gonzo in memoriam starring Elijah Wood titled Come To Daddy.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Timpson last year at Fantastic Fest, having viewed Come To Daddy at its Tribeca premiere (the first of 25 festival appearances). Visions of criminal brutality and Wood’s hipster haircut were still vivid months later, if that’s any indication of the film’s more memorable attributes. We chatted about an array of topics, from hopping into the director’s chair to actor Michael Smiley’s self-provided fake teeth. You’d never assume such an off-kilter narrative to emerge from such a personal place, but then again, what did you expect from the man who backed such films as Deathgasm and The Greasy Strangler?

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