Sundance Trailer and Photo Preview: Space Tourists

Space Tourists

Space Tourists is one of 12 films selected from 782 international documentary submissions for this year’s World Cinema Documentary Competition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. An age-old dream of man is to leave our planet as a normal person and travel into outer space. For 20 million dollars, the American Anousheh Ansari was able to fulfill this childhood dream. This documentary follows her journey into space and shows everyday life as it is on the International Space Station.

This terrific beauty is set in contrast to the crazy trips taken by Kazakh rocket debris collectors in their hunt for the coveted carrot-shaped rocket stages, which literally fall out of the sky and are collected by men with trucks the size of dinosaurs. With breathtaking images, SPACE TOURISTS takes its audience into a fascinating world full of of wonder and surprise. Encounters with the least likely people imaginable. Places even stranger and more unknown than outer space itself.

From Christian Frei, the Oscar nominated director of War Photographer, comes a “humorous and laconic view of the way billionaires depart our planet earth to travel into outer space for fun.” As you might imagine, Frei went though a lot of trouble to win permission to shoot this film. Anousheh Ansari documented her stay in the ISS with the assistance of the cosmonauts Mikhail Tyurin and Pavel Vinogradov, and she provided the material for the film. After the jump we’ve included 26 photos, a trailer and poster for the feature.

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