I’m a sucker (and I do mean sucker) for a good high-concept plot idea, and it sounds that Ann Brashares’ novel My Name is Memory hangs on a corker. The book won’t be published until next June so there’s no way of knowing yet if this smarty pants concept is at the centre of a good story or a bad one but the hook alone intrigues me. Essentially a romance story, the story actually starts with an awkward stalker moment when a couple meet at college and the young man claims that the two of them have been reincarnated over and over as lovers in different time periods and while she can’t remember any of this, he can. That idea gives me the creeps, but of course, in Brashare’s book, he manages to provide her with an explanation, calm things down and get the romance rolling again in this era.

There’s a little bit of The Time Traveller’s Wife in there, I think, while other comparisons to Twilight are, for some reason, also forthcoming. I guess its the notion of a genre-fied young romance.

I’ve got an explanatory excerpt from the novel after the break, as well as some details of the studio bidding war that saw the rights go for a “high six against seven figures” sum.

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