Phantasm V trailer

Most surprising sequel reveal of the year so far goes to Phantasm V: Ravager, which was announced with a poster reveal on Monday. The last film in Don Coscarelli‘s very odd horror/sci-fi series was released direct to video in 1998, but talk of a fifth film has persisted in the many years since. There was never any indication that one was happening. Now we find that not only is Phantasm V going to be a reality, it already is! And now we have the first Phantasm V trailer, which you can see below. Read More »


Speaking to Fangoria Radio, Ron Perlman has given an update on the status of Bubba Nosferatu, the vampiretastic follow-on from Don Coscarelli‘s Elvis vs. the Mummy gem, Bubba Ho-Tep. Apparently he will have a window into which the shoot may be squeezed, coming right up he wraps the current season of Sons of Anarchy in September. Having spoken to Coscarelli and co-star Paul Giamatti, Perlman seemed confident that they could all work it out in time and get cameras rolling.

Fangoria also let slip the casting of Angus Scrimm as “a Boris Karloff-like horror star who Elvis meets up with in Las Vegas on the set of a vampire movie.” This would be Claude Killgore, who we meet during the flashbacks to the 70s that make up half of the film and, knowing Coscarelli, I already pictured Scrimm in the role when I was reading the screenplay. It’s not a huge role, but it is a fun one and he will get to face off against Perlman as Elvis as ‘Clay Burton’ in the film-within-the-film.

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