‘Battle Royale’ May Come to the US in 3D After All

Back in May we heard that Toei was converting Battle Royale to 3D. That seemed like a bad idea, but it was more a curiosity than anything else. After all, the film was never given distribution in the States when originally released so there was no reason to think this 3D version would make it across the sea, either. But now Anchor Bay has reportedly picked up rights to the film, so we may see a real US release of Battle Royale after all these years, albeit in 3D. Read More »


One of Independent Film Festival Boston’s “After Hours” selections, Paul Solet’s Grace screened to a packed theater at the Brattle at midnight this past Saturday. Grace tells the story of Madeline Matheson (Jordan Ladd), whose unborn child is killed in a tragic accident. Nonetheless, Madeline insists on carrying the baby to term. The baby emerges stillborn but shortly afterwards, it miraculously comes back to life. Madeline names the baby Grace, but finds that she’s not like other babies, and possesses a terrible hunger that Madeline will do everything she can to satisfy.
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