Starry Eyes trailer

Starry Eyes answers an old question — what would you do for fame? — with brutal and visceral intensity. The film, written and directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, features Alex Essoe in a figurative and literal star-making turn. She plays Sarah, a young woman whose own self-destructive tendencies play right into the odd desires of one casting director, leading to what could be her big break as the lead actor in a horror feature. But things get really really weird as Sarah is asked to do more than she ever expected to keep her new gig. The film also stars Noah Segan, Pat Healy, Amanda Fuller, Shane Coffer, Fabianne Therese; check out a great Starry Eyes trailer below.

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We just saw the nifty, Saul Bass-ish poster for the Fantastic Fest presentation of Red White & Blue, which is one of the four festival films that IFC Midnight is bringing to VOD this week alongside their FF showings. Now there’s a trailer for the film, and seeing the footage on display here makes the poster look like a very soft sell. If the film is as intense as this footage and reviews out of SXSW suggest, it could be quite a ride. Read More »