alita battle angel passport to iron city

“I’ve never seen such ‘orrible scrapping in my life.”

A man sporting a Hawaiian shirt and a strong Cockney accent berates me for me slow work in the scrapyard, which isn’t really a scrapyard but a small booth filled with piles of metal scrap and hidden clues. Find the most valuable piece of scrap and win the most credits is the game, and it’s easy to get caught up in it. I find a weird, rusty contraption with a plug. “Read the small print on the outlets,” the ethereal long-haired woman in a silk kimono robe gently nudges to me. I plug it in and a series of numbers appear, which turn out to be the code for a safe harboring the most precious piece of scrap at all.

This is one of the various activities at New York City’s Alita: Battle Angel – Passport to Iron City, an immersive event that promises to drop you into the world of James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez‘s sci-fi epic, Alita: Battle Angel. Created by 20th Century Fox in collaboration with iam8bit and the Seeley Group, Passport to Iron City is part Escape Room, part theme park, and all fun — regardless of whether or not you’re planning to see the movie.

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