Agora Movie Trailer


Five years after The Sea Inside, Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar travels back to an ancient civilization with his latest film, Agora. We ran a teaser for this a couple months back, but there’s a full-length domestic trailer available now, which encapsulates the story of Hypatia of Alexandria (Rachel Weisz) during the onset of Christianity in the Roman Empire. The film features some impressive production design, but does it have any other highlights? Check the trailer after the jump. Read More »


I’ve liked each and every film by Alejandro Amenabar more than I did the previous one – and even when you rewind right back to Tesis, his debut feature, I was already digging his work plenty. You know, then, that I’m beset with anticipation for his next picture, simply on this spurious basis of a perceived inertia.

This next picture will be Agora, a historical epic and Amenabar’s second film in the English language, after The Others. Set in fourth century Alexandria, the story tells of the love of a slave, played by Max Minghella, for his master, played by Rachel Weisz. She is Hypatia, a teacher of Neoplatonist philosophy and, for the film’s purposes at least, a rather infamous atheist. The possibility of their romance is set against the uprising of Christianity and, as you’ll see from the trailer embedded below the break, the film is big-scale and stirring stuff.

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