Adam Sandler Chris Farley Tribute

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The Special: Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: Taking a break from his seemingly never-ending streak of original movies at Netflix, Adam Sandler returned to his comedy roots by heading out on tour to film a new comedy special. Armed with a series of silly new original songs, Sandler entertained thousands at over a dozen different venues to shoot this special that reminds you how funny he can be, especially when he doesn’t have to bring all of his usual partners in crime with him.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Long before Adam Sandler got a deal to make mediocre-to-terrible original movies for Netflix, he was a rising star who skyrocketed to fame thanks to his goofy and frequently musical antics on Saturday Night Live. Sandler even had his own comedy albums. But his musical comedy shenanigans took a backseat to his movie career when he became a big screen sensation. Thankfully, it appears his ongoing deals with Netflix gave him enough money and spare time to create a spectacular array of new comedy songs, and it’s the funniest Sandler has been in a long time. Read More »

Adam Sandler Chris Farley Tribute

We know Adam Sandler‘s film career over the past couple decades has left a lot to be desired. When he dabbles in drama like The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected), Reign Over Me, Spanglish, or Punch-Drunk Love, we get a glimmer of his true skill as an actor. But on the comedy side, it’s been 10 years since Adam Sandler was truly great in a movie. That was Funny People, and that’s not even a movie he made with his usual crew of knuckleheads.

Thankfully, Adam Sandler showed that he still has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to bringing the laughs. But he had to really dig deep into his early comedy roots to get it. Sandler’s Netflix special 100% Fresh was a return to form for the comedian who found fame by making up silly songs on Saturday Night Live and used to make a name for himself with signature comedy albums. That’s exactly what he delivered with 100% Fresh, and now he’s bringing 100% Fresher to the masses, a 19-stop comedy tour across the United States this summer. Get the dates for the new Adam Sandler 2019 comedy tour below. Read More »

Adam Sandler Netflix Special Trailer

Regardless of what the critics end up saying about Adam Sandler‘s return to stand-up comedy with a new original special coming to Netlix, no one will be able to deny that it’s 100% Fresh. That’s because the special itself is called Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh, and the comedian has a bunch of new jokes and original songs that you’ve never heard before.

Watch the teaser for the Adam Sandler Netflix special below. Read More »