Red Band Like a Boss Trailer

Kicking off the new year with plenty of profanity and inappropriate behavior will be the new comedy Like a Boss.

Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne star in the story of two best friends who start their own cosmetics company but suddenly learn they’re in debt by about half a million dollars. Thankfully, a make-up mogul (Salma Hayek) swoops in to save the day by giving them a buyout offer. But unfortunately, all she wants is to poach their ideas for her own benefit. And that’s when these women go to war. See how that goes in the new red band Like a Boss trailer. Read More »


I just heard about an interesting pitch that apparently just sold to Fox. The writing duo of Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly pitched a comedy called Premature Maturation, which is essentially the Tom Hanks movie Big, but with an ensemble of middle school kids who transform into adults and get into crazy misadventures ala The Hangover. Talk about high concept. Word on the tracking boards is the pitch sold for mid-six figures. Pitman and Cole-Kelly will likely pen the script. No director or cast is attached.

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