Early Buzz: Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours

james franco danny boyle 127 Hours

We’ve got some brief news about Danny Boyle‘s film 127 Hours, which is in post-production now, and some very good early buzz to deliver. The news is casting-related — thanks to the official film synopsis from Fox Searchlight (reproduced after the break) we know that Clémence Poésy from In Bruges is playing the girlfriend of mountain climber Aaron Ralston (James Franco). Previously, we’d heard that Amber Tamblyn had the role, but she instead plays another hiker.

Beyond that, some reports have surfaced from the first test screening, and they are overwhelmingly positive. Keep in mind that these reports are based on a version of the film that is not finished — the sound, music and FX were are not done, and the edit will almost certainly change — but if the basic impressions can apply to the finished cut, 127 Hours may be a very interesting picture when released this coming winter. Read More »



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