F9 Box Office Opening Weekend

If there was any lingering concern about movie theaters coming back in a big way as we come out of the coronavirus pandemic, F9 just smashed right through them.

Universal’s latest installment of the Fast and Furious saga had no trouble speeding to the top of the box office charts and smashing pandemic records. In fact, the blockbuster action sequel had such an impressive debut (all things considered) that it’s the biggest opening weekend since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. Read More »

A Quiet Place Spin-Off

After A Quiet Place Part II stormed back into theaters and had no trouble topping the box office charts last weekend, you might expect Paramount Pictures to immediately get A Quiet Place Part III on the fast track. However, it sounds like the studio wants to give director John Krasinski and stars Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds a little bit of a break, because they’ve actually scheduled A Quiet Place spin-off movie for release in the spring of 2023 instead of a new sequel. Read More »

a quiet place part ii scene breakdown

John Krasinski proved with the smash hit A Quiet Place and its very successful sequel A Quiet Place Part II that he can direct the hell out of a movie. And Vanity Fair’s always-fascinating “Notes on a Scene” series shows us exactly how he does that. Krasinski, who wrote and directed A Quiet Place Part II, breaks down the opening scene of the horror sequel, which he revealed he sought to shoot in one-take to “never break the energy, so you always felt like you were a part of it.” Watch Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II scene breakdown below.

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weekend box office

A Quiet Place Part II made a lot of noise at the box office this weekend. The John Krasinski-directed horror sequel shattered box office expectations with a record-breaking pandemic-time haul, but it was aided in part by the No. 2 performer, Cruella. However, there was a wide gap between A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella, suggesting that Disney’s hybrid release on both Disney+ and in theaters may have hindered the Disney prequel’s theatrical performance.

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A Quiet Place Part II Box Office

If there was any lingering concern that movie theaters would struggle to come back after the pandemic, this weekend’s box office debut of A Quiet Place Part II should put those to rest. The sci-fi horror sequel is on track to land an estimated $58.5 million through the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and it should come as no surprise that this will be a record-breaking box office haul for the industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More »

A Quiet Place trilogy

Though it’s not official yet, it sounds like audiences can go ahead and start preparing to get quiet…for a third time.

According to Emily Blunt, who starred in the first two installments of Paramount’s A Quiet Place franchise, this month’s A Quiet Place Part II is probably going to be the second entry in a Quiet Place trilogy, and writer/director John Krasinski already has ideas for where the third film can go. Read More »

a quiet place part ii review

The first A Quiet Place was a phenomenon for a reason — its immaculate sound design and unique premise (a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by hearing-sensitive monsters) made for a horror film more akin to a roller coaster: immersive, transporting, and almost completely experiential. But strip A Quiet Place of its novelty, and what do you have? That’s the question that A Quiet Place Part II wrestles with.

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A Quiet Place Part 2 paydays

When Warner Bros. announced that every one of its 2021 releases would be dropped day and date on HBO Max, several high profile directors and actors did not react well to that news because it impacted the amount of money they could make based on a film’s theatrical performance. Fast forward several months, and a similar conversation is happening again, this time at Paramount.

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, the creative forces involved in A Quiet Place Part II, are in a battle with the studio over their paydays for the upcoming sequel, which will likely be significant impacted by Paramount’s decision to put its new films on the new Paramount+ streaming service just 45 days after it debuts. Read More »

A Quiet Place Part II

After being delayed at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year, A Quiet Place Part II is finally coming to theaters later this month. Paramount Pictures is so ready to release this movie that they bumped it up from the previously set fall release date to take advantage of the sparse summer blockbuster calendar, which may or may not be a risky box office decision (especially with the movie coming to Paramount+ just 45 days after hitting theaters). A new teaser has arrived to let audiences know the sequel is coming in just over a few weeks, and a full trailer is coming tomorrow. Read More »

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a quiet place 2 release date

A Quiet Place Part II was one of the first movies to have its theatrical release affected in real-time by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — a splashy red carpet premiere was even held ahead of its March 2020 release before everything shut down shortly afterwards. Since then, Paramount has been bouncing the release date from month to month, finally settling it in September of this year. But, in a rare sight amid the pandemic, Paramount has actually pushed the A Quiet Place Part II release date up by a few months.

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