A Night at the Roxbury

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The Movie: A Night at the Roxbury

Where You Can Stream It: Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

The Pitch: Despite being well into adulthood, brothers Doug (Chris Kattan) and Steve Butabi (Will Ferrell) still live at home and work in the flower shop owned by their dad (Dan Hedaya). They exist only to hit on women at discos, though they’re routinely unsuccessful until a chance run-in with Richard Grieco (Richard Grieco) gets them inside the swank Roxbury club. Mistaken for high rollers, they meet their dream women, and resolve to open a club of their own.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Movies based on Saturday Night Live sketches are rather difficult to pull off simply because it’s hard to expand a premise for a sketch that lasts only a few minutes into a full-fledged feature film. One of the less commendable attempts is undoubtedly A Night at the Roxbury starring Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan as the club-hopping, head-nodding losers who are always trying to dance with hot ladies with zero success. There’s no way that I can call this movie essential viewing, but I can tell you that I shamelessly love this stupid comedy thanks to the dimwitted antics of Ferrell and Kattan, who make for a hilarious pair of brothers whose arrested development results in some immature but entertaining gags. Read More »

Saturday Night Live movies

Since a new season of Saturday Night Live is kicking off this weekend with host Miley Cyrus on October 3rd, and yours truly will be reviewing every new episode, there’s no better time to take a look back at all the movies that have been spawned from the iconic late-night sketch series and rank them from worst to best.

This wasn’t too monumental an undertaking since there’s only 11 total movies produced that were based on Saturday Night Live sketches, but there’s bound to be some dissension when it comes to where they fall on the list. So without further adieu, let’s get to ranking Saturday Night Live movies. Read More »