Marley and Me - Training Dog Actors

There are plenty of good dogs that audiences have fallen in love with on the big screen over the years. Even the canines who play very bad dogs are good dogs. Obviously, they’re very well-trained, and if you’ve ever wondered exactly how filmmakers get the dogs to pull off key moments in movies, an animal trainer breaks down a few scenes featuring prominent canine actors being very good dogs. Find out how training dog actors makes for movie magic in Marley & Me, A Dog’s Journey, and more. Read More »

dog's journey review

We don’t deserve dogs. Lovable, loyal companions that want nothing more than to be by our side (and eat our food), dogs are too good for this cruel, stupid world. While we don’t deserve dogs, dogs definitely don’t deserve movies likeĀ A Dog’s Journey, the weepy, manipulative, upsetting sequel to the surprise hitĀ A Dog’s Purpose. Once again, audiences will be forced to watch dog after dog roll over and play dead, all in the name of telling some sort of half-assed spiritual story about reincarnation. Are the pups on screen cute? They sure are. Is that enough to make this movie worth seeing? Absolutely not.

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