VOTD: 15 Years of Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight released their first film, The Brothers McMullen, in 1995. This year the minimajor is celebrating their 15th anniversary. Anyone who reads /Film knows that I tend to love the type of films that Searchlight picks up at Sundance, and more recently, the films Searchlight has been producing in house (Aronofsky’s Black Swan, Boyle’s 127 Hours, Romanke’s Never Let Me Go to name a few). /Film reader Kees van Dijkhuizen put together a short video showcasing some of the great films Searchlight has brought up over the last 15 years. You might remember that Kees created some of the video montages we’ve posted in VOTD in past years including Cinema 2009: 1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes and the movies of Cinema 2008. It looks like someone at Fox saw his work and commissioned the video editor to create this video for Fox Searchlight 15th anniversary. Here is Kees description:

15 Years of Drama, Compassion, Icons, Romance and Challenges. Some of the best indie flicks came were brought to us by Fox Searchlight, and to celebrate their 15 year anniversary, here’s a quick recap of what they have brought us. Some of the movies featured include Juno, The Darjeeling Limited, Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later, Sunshine, (500) Days of Summer, Napoleon Dynamite, The Last King of Scotland, Crazy Heart, Sexy Beast, One Hour Photo and Thirteen.

Watch the video now embedded after the jump.

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There’s been little movement on the 28 Days Later franchise front of late, but with Danny Boyle‘s most recent film, 127 Hours, completed and nearing release, that could soon change. From what Boyle has said in the past, we know that 28 Months Later isn’t the official title for the film, its planned setting is Russia (not France like one might’ve inferred from the ending of 28 Weeks Later), and Boyle feels strongly enough about the idea he’s come up with for the film that he has considered directing it.

As hopeful as many of us were that Boyle would return, the odds of it actually happening appeared rather slim. Even while he was discussing potentially directing the film, there were simultaneous discussions of it being handed off to another director (as was done with the second film). If this latest update is to be believed though, Boyle is no longer considering directing the film; he is directing it. Read More »

In 2006, the Fox Atomic production label was established under the big 20th Century umbrella as a home for comedy and ‘genre’ films – ie. films specifically aimed at those in their teens and 20s. Turistas was their rather inauspicious debut release, and since then they’ve spawned horror sequels The Hills Have Eyes 2 and 28 Weeks Later; comedies Miss March, The Rocker and The Comebacks; and Renny Harlin’s turkey-lookin’ 12 Rounds (not yet released in the UK, please explain its awfulness to me in the comments).

It seems now that the imprint is to be folded, with the chief exec moved over to Fox to continue shepherding just the same style of film there instead. In the Variety article that reports this breaking-news-come-rumor, there are also a couple of asides about films originally planned for the Fox Atomic label that now, presumably, will just be plain and simple Fox releases.

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