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Grantland has an amazing interview with screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof which you should find the time to read (it is long). He talks about many things in the interview, but I want to focus on his discussion on the origins of Tomorrowland, the upcoming movie directed by Brad Bird and starring George Clooney. There is a lot of interesting stuff here, especially if you’re a Disneyland geek like me. Lindelof, for the first time publicly, confirms that while the story has ties to Walt Disney’s theme park creation, we won’t see Disneyland in the actual movie. Read an excerpt after the jump.

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Since we first heard of a mysterious film called 1952 that would team up director Brad Bird and screenwriter Damon Lindelof, expectations and speculation have run rampant. Clues have pointed in all kinds of directions, from UFOs to Star Wars Episode VII. The film was then titled Tomorrowland, a few more clues were revealed but we all knew, eventually the truth was going to leak. The truth, after all, was out there.

HitFix has now gotten their hands on the description of Tomorrowland, which Disney will release on December 19, 2014. This is the description that’s going around to agencies as Bird assembles his cast, beyond stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie. If you’d like to keep the mystery alive for a bit longer, you’re going to want to avoid this. But, sooner or later, this was going to get out there, so why not now? Read More »

Brad Bird‘s new film, written by Damon Lindelof and Bird, and developed at Disney, has been going under the working title 1952 for the past few months. That led to plenty of speculation about the nature of the story, but Bird and Lindelof have been tight-lipped rather than reveal any details. The biggest teaser we’ve had was a recent photo of a box of archive materials that the two revealed last week.

Now the biggest tease is out: the working title 1952 has been scrapped, and the real title, Tomorrowland, announced in its place. Combined with elements revealed from that box, such as photos of Walt Disney, the title must be assumed as a reference to the Tomorrowland attraction opened at Disneyland in 1955. Read More »

Yesterday writer/producer Damon Lindelof tweeted out a photo of a box which featured the handwritten label “1952”. Hours later, director Brad Bird tweeted out a second photo, revealing the contents of the mystery box. Is this the beginning of a viral marketing campaign for Bird’s Disney feature film 1952? What does this box mean? We have the answers (or at least some of them) after the jump.

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We now know almost everything there is to know about 1952, minus the plot. Directed by Brad Bird, from a script by Damon Lindelof and Bird, it’ll be released on December 19, 2014. Previously rumored star George Clooney has now officially been set to headline the film and it’ll be in 3D, Bird’s first time with the format. Read some thoughts below.

UPDATE: Though it came from an official Disney press release, Bird denies the claim of 3D. Read more below.

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Disney woke up and decided to make some news today. In addition to officially announcing two Marvel movies for 3D, they’ve dated a bunch of other high profile films,

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Brad Bird‘s next film 1952, also known as not Star Wars Episode VII despite early rumors to the contrary, has yet to be greenlit. Screenwriter Damon Lindelof is confident, however, that it will get made. In a new interview, the man who co-created Lost and co-wrote Prometheus, Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, explains how he got Bird on board the project. Lindelof explains that he and the director have been co-writing the latest draft for the past few months and that they hope production can start mid-2013. No plot details yet, but it seems like the writer is dying to tell us all what this film, which is likely to star George Clooney and has sci-fi DNA, is about. Read more below. Read More »

After gallivanting about outer space in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, George Clooney will (possibly) see outer space coming to him in Brad Bird‘s 1952. The star has just entered negotiations for the sci-fi tentpole, which is set up at Disney. The script comes from Jeff Jensen and Damon Lindelof, and has drawn comparisons to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. More details after the jump. Read More »

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, the rumor that 1952 is a cover for Star Wars VII has already been debunked thanks to an insider who spoke with First Showing. Original story follows.

Tuesday’s news that Disney had plans to create a whole new Star Wars trilogy immediately sparked a thousand blog posts (including ours) about who should direct the next installment. But if one intriguing theory making the rounds turns out to be true, the die may already have been cast.

Said speculation hinges on the notion that the top-secret Brad Bird / Damon Lindelof project set up at Disney, currently titled 1952, is actually Star Wars VII. Does it hold water? Hit the jump to read more.

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The team-up of screenwriter Damon Lindelof and director Brad Bird seems almost too good to be true. Lindelof, co-creator of Lost and co-writer of Prometheus and Bird, writer/director of The Iron Giant and The Incredibles, are two filmmakers with major fan cachet, so it was exciting earlier this year when it was revealed Lindelof was writing for Bird to direct, a mystery project possible called 1952. The title represents a year drenched in alien lore.

In the vein of everything these two do though, that was all we knew about the project and now it seems it might not even be true. Vulture has some reported details on the project, saying it’s set in present day, and is about aliens contacting Earth, with inspiration taken from Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

UPDATE: Vulture has now changed their tune on this. It’s not actually about aliens. Read below.

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