In Gela Babluani‘s film 13 Tzameti, a young man lands in the weirdest game of Russian roulette ever held.

Babluani remade the French film for US audiences as 13, but rather than hitting theaters in regular fashion the film found a perch on a dusty shelf and sat there for quite some time. Anchor Bay is finally going to release it and a new trailer has just hit. While the movie has an eye-catching cast (Sam Riley, Ray Winstone, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Alexander Skarsgård, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham and Michael Shannon) this trailer makes it look like it could well be a massively silly action thriller. Check out the footage below. Read More »

Movie Trailer & Poster: ’13′

A few months back, we posted a Russian movie trailer for 13, the American remake of the cult French film 13 Tzameti, starring Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, 50 Cent and Ray Winstone, both written and directed by Géla Babluani. It’s about a young man (Sam Riley) who mistakenly ends up at a high stakes, life or death Russian roulette game. So if you watched that original trailer and liked the visuals but had no idea what was going on, an English language version has come online along with a poster. And if you never imagined you’d be bored by a simple movie trailer, prove yourself wrong after the break. Read More »

First Look: Mickey Rourke in 13 (the 13 Tzameti Remake)

The first photo of Mickey Rourke in 13, the American remake of the award-winning French crime thriller 13 Tzameti. The film follows a naive young man who assumes a dead man’s identity and “finds himself embroiled in an underground world of power, violence,” and a Russian-roulette-style competition where the losers truly lose everything.

Writer/director Géla Babluani has returned to helm the remake, which began shooting last month in New York City. Jason Statham, 50 Cent, Ray Winstone and Ray Liotta also star. Thanks to /Film reader Christopher M for the tip. The film is currently scheduled for a 2010 release.

Ray Liotta and Ray Winstone Sign on For “13”

A few weeks ago, we reported that Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, and 50 Cent would be starring in the American remake of Gela Babluani’s film 13 Tzameti, entitled simply 13. The film centers around a Russian-roulette-style competition where the losers truly lose everything. Last night, Variety reported that Ray Winstone and Ray Liotta have signed on to the new film as well.  Winstone will play a mental patient who has gotten himself involved in the competition while Liotta will play the cop trying to track them down. The Variety article also contains a lot of other details, such as what character exactly 50 Cent will be playing (the role seems mercifully small), as well as who will play the young lead (Sam Riley).

We argued about whether the remake was a good idea, but I’m more interested in the choices that the director will make and what he might change from his original film (In a Funny Games-style move, Babluani will be directing the remake). It’s universally agreed that the first 30-40 minutes of the original were crushingly boring, but whether this added to the film or detracted from it is an issue of contention. Will the director try to maintain a similar pacing for the new film? And will the scenes from the competition retain their brutal intensity when the characters speak English, and you can recognize the actors playing them? Whatever the case may be, I think we can certainly agree that 13 will have one of the most badass casts for a crime film in recent memory.

Discuss: Are you excited for this remake?

What if I told you that Mickey Rourke would be teaming up with Jason Statham for a crime thriller? Sounds like a great idea, right?

What if I told you that the movie in question is the American remake of the award-winning French crime thriller 13 Tzameti? Sounds even better…

Now yould your excitement be squashed if I told you that Rourke and Statham will be joined by rapper turned actor 50 Cent (Get Rich or Die Tryin’)? Argggggg….

13 will begin shooting on November 17th in and around New York City. You can read the plot synopsis for the original Gela Babluani film below:

Twenty-two-year-old Sebastien (Georges Babluani) leads an impoverished life with his immigrant family constantly struggling to support them. While repairing the roof of a neighbor’s house, he overhears a conversation about an expected package that promises to make the household rich. Sensing the opportunity of a lifetime, Sebastien intercepts the package containing a series of specific instructions. Following the clues, he assumes a false identity and manages to slip through the grasp of the enclosing police as he ventures deeper and deeper into the countryside. The closer he gets to his destination and the more people he meets along the way, the less he understands about what he is looking for. Ultimately, he comes face to face with a ring of clandestine gamblers placing bets on the outcome of a multi-player, high stakes tournament of Russian roulette. Gela Babluani’s directorial debut is a winner-take-all thriller, where an unfortunate young man is transformed into the thirteenth contestant in an incredibly inhuman game. 13 TZAMETI won the 2005 Venice Festival’s Best First Feature Film prize and the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema at the 2006 Sundance Festival.

source: Variety