Does the animated Batman: Bad Blood feature look good? What does Firefly look like on the next episode of Gotham? How does Ronda Rousey hope to win the role of Captain Marvel? How did someone create a real Mjolnir that can only be lifted by one person? Get all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits

Sufficiently Advanced created a real Mjolnir with magnets and a fingerprint scanner to prank people on the street.

Find out why Tim Miller doesn’t think marketing Deadpool is a problem with Ryan Reynolds‘ face covered.


Above is a helpful guide to superhero and super villain weaknesses (via LaughingSquid).

Find out how Ronda Rousey plans to earn the role of Captain Marvel in a new interview.

A fan has Photoshopped what Vin Diesel may look like as Black Bolt in Inhumans.

Disney Infinity’s Captain America figure takes cues from Chris Evans version.

The new Drax comic from Marvel arrives in November.

Find out about the origins of Jessica Jones and how the character has evolved.

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