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Want to see an awesome, fake end credits scene for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Did a paparazzi capture Jared Leto on the set of Suicide Squad? What’s the deal with Adam McKay and Marvel movies? Would Anna Paquin come back to play Rogue? How will X-Men Apocalypse change the X-Men Universe? Can you listen to a super spoiler interview with the Daredevil showrunner? Want to watch the new trailer for the The Death of Superman Lives documentary? Read about all this and more in the triumphant return of Superhero Bits.

This is an absolute fake, but it’s a really cool fake end credits scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron via Comic Book.

Just Jared caught clear photos of Jared Leto with his bright green Joker hair on the set of Suicide Squad.


Cool animated Ant-Man poster.

According to Kevin Feige, Adam McKay is up for any and all open Marvel Movies.

Anna Paquin has one condition and she’ll play Rogue again. She needs to fly.

El Mayimbe posted a rumor about the role of Killer Croc in Suicide Squad. If true, it’s a minor spoiler.

Simon Kinberg talks to IGN about how X-Men Apocalypse will change the X-Men Universe

A new Sony leak includes a set of notes Kevin Feige gave Sony after seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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