Topless Robot has put together a fun list of 25 Marvel Comic Book Toys that aren’t action figures such as this Spider-Man vs. Hulk race track.

Tom Hiddleston did an interview with MTV about his favorite scenes in Thor and while we won’t reveal his first favorite, here’s his second, one that’s on the special features cause it got cut:

There is a scene between Chris [Hemsworth] and myself at the very beginning of the film just before the coronation, which I guess didn’t make it in because you’ve got the scene with the two boys, which does the same job in a way,” he explained. “It’s just before he’s being crowned king and we’re sort of teasing each other, I’m teasing him about whether he’s ready, he puts on his helmet and I say ‘Nice feathers’ and he says, ‘You’re not going to start this again,’ we’re just being brothers. I turn to him and say, ‘I know, I’m joking. I’m very prod of you and I love you,’ and Ken made me play it absolutely straight so [Loki] means it at this point. They start out as two brothers who love each other in the most fraternal, epic way, and then the journey of the film splits them and turns them into adversaries. I was sad to see that one go.

Ioan Gruffudd tells AssignmentTx (via CBM) he’s disappointed that he most likely won’t be in any rumored Fantastic Four remake:

I had an amazing time doing those two films. Naturally, I feel a slight disappointment that I won’t be stepping into the shoes of Mr. Fantastic again, although there has been nothing official. Again, I think it is a rumor, but it feels true because we [Gruffudd and the other main cast] haven’t heard anything. I guess it makes sense of the studio to reboot it, because I guess you have a lot of longevity out of that franchise that they own.

Watch 13 minutes of gameplay, with commentary, from Batman: Arkham City. Thanks to Gamespot (via CBM).

We’ve moved all set photos to the next page. Very minor spoilers for R.I.P.D., Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises after the jump.

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