Superheroes battle video game characters in this video by CorridorDigital via Sploid.

The Daily Marvelite (via Comic Book Movie) says the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series will air in January or February.

Superman Brand

This homemade Superman brand is available at this link.

Superhero Hype‘s interview with James Gunn has some great thoughts on moments from Guardians of the Galaxy that were cut and not on the DVD.

This trailer for the season pass of Lego Batman 3 shows scenes from The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel that you can play.

The rumored plot that’s going around for Fantastic Four is not correct, according to one of the film’s first writers.

Beta Ray Bill and Starhawk Guardians Blu

A Reddit user, via Cosmic Book Movie, found alternate Guardians Beta Ray Bill and Starhawk hiding on the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray.

Evangeline Lilly was very impressed with the Marvel machine when working on Ant-Man.

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