Who can save actor Philip Baker Hall when he stands up against Loki in The Avengers? Is anyone crazy enough to get a tattoo from The Dark Knight Rises a year away from the release date? Why haven’t there been any set photos from Christopher Nolan‘s new film in the past few days? What was it like for Robert Downey Jr. to get his butt kicked in The Avengers? Which vehicle is flying over the Man of Steel set? What extras are on the Green Lantern Blu-ray? Read about all this and much more in this week’s final Superhero Bits.

There are almost no words for this. A fan has preemptively gotten a tattoo of Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. We all think the movie is going to be great but, really? Forever marking your body? It reminds me of the Jar Jar Binks/Seth Rogen joke in Fanboys. (A few people got that.) Thanks to Badass Digest for pointing this out.

Now, imagine that guy got a tattoo of this in 1997? That’s Bane from Joel Schumacher‘s Batman and Robin and he made Laser Cola’s list of the Top Ten Lamest Superhero Movie Villains.

No, that’s not a photo from Tim Burton‘s Batman. That’s Hot Toys brand new 1/6 Jack Nicholson Joker figure. It’s amazing, you have to look at all the images. They also have a 1989 Batman figure that’s equally amazing. Spending $500 on two dolls is OK, right?

I wasn’t aware of this but apparently taking images from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon and making awkward photos of it is a huge meme. Gamma Squad picked their favorites a few months ago and have just come up with round two. They’re pretty hilarious. That one above is one of my favorites.

Nerd Bastards found this cool Avengers fan art from Deviant Artist Ericmaniac. Love the style.

Curious why there hasn’t been any Dark Knight Rises set photos recently? Because production was moving from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles. Superhero Hype has posted a few photos of the area including this notice which goes up on buildings all over the area alerting them to filming.

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