Want to see Spider-Man being a real-life menace on two continents? How about a Chinese interpretation of the Batman origin story? Is Ryan Gosling a real life superhero? What does Loki look like in the streets of Cleveland on the set of The Avengers and what epic shot did he reveal in an interview? What did the Batwing from The Dark Knight Rises look like as the crew left Pittsburgh? Read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

IGN has posted this image of the various skins that you can put on Robin in Batman: Arkham City. They’re Red Robin, Hooded Robin, and Robin from Batman: The Animated Series.

J. Jonah Jamison was right. Spider-Man is a menace. Thanks to io9, you can watch him rob this Oklahoma City convenience store.

Marvel comics is known for their huge, epic storylines such as Infinity Gauntlet and Civil War. They’re currently in the midst of Fear Itself and, in an interview with io9, Marvel writers like Ed Brubaker discussed the next one, Shattered Heroes.

Here’s more Spider-Man terror. After robbing that store above, he traveled across the globe to Warsaw, Poland and terrorized this mall. Thanks to Comics Alliance.

A huge Avengers fan named Andrew Becraft created these custom Avengers Lego figures. You can see more individual images over on Geeks Are Sexy.

Comic Book Movie conducted an interview with the guys from fuelVFX about their work on Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s an extensive article, and here’s a taste:

Probably the single trickiest challenge was creating the shot were Cap’s motorbike runs off on it’s own towards the entrance to the Hydra base and explodes. The bike was filmed in camera but the timing and speed of it within the camera move just didn’t work and we spent quite some time coming up with various solutions with Chris and Editorial to make the shot work.

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