Superman is getting some air in this fan art by Deviant Artist Kerong (via Geek Tyrant).

Mr. Freeze makes an appearance in this new trailer (via Coming Soon) for Batman Arkham City.

Captain America: The First Avenger producer Stephen Broussard hinted to the NY Daily News (via CBM) that some part of either The Avengers or Captain America 2 (probably the latter) would take place in Steve Rogers’ hometown of NYC:

There’s great opportunity for that. Absolutely, there’s more to explore there. It’s a real place. That always helps people connect to these characters.

Is it weird that I’d rather have her save me than Peter Parker? Thanks to UniqueDaily for this Spider-Man body paint photo.

Captain America, oh, I’m sorry, “Captain Awesome,” tried to deflect a firework with his shield in this video from The High Definite. It does not go well.

Earlier, one of our bits was about a rumored Batman/Superman movie. And while it’ll most likely never actually get on the big screen, fans like Deviant Artist 89g (via Geek Tyrant) can still bring it to life.

Superhero Hype has posted the second trailer for the Batman-inspired download only first person shooter called Gotham City Imposters. It’ll be out for XBox and PS3 next winter.

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