What does Guillermo Del Toro have to say about the Hulk TV show? Is Warner Bros. really developing a Superman/Batman movie again? Want to get a closer look at the Catwoman costume from The Dark Knight Rises? How about a new look at Bane and a new accident involving the Batwing? Curious to read what Rhys Ifans has to say about his character in The Amazing Spider-Man? And when can you stop worrying about Batman images from Pittsburgh? The Spider-Man body painted girl above wants you to read about all of this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

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Scriptflags found this, and other, super close up, great images of Bane on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. This is from last weekend’s shoot at Heinz Field.

In a report (filled with photos) of this weekend’s Dark Knight Rises shoot, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette says the production gets two days off this week and then continues through August 21, when they’re done in the city.

In the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, we see that Gary Oldman‘s Commissioner Gordon is in a hospital bed. Now, thanks to this video over on Comic Book Movie, we see some more of his work. Obviously, spoilers.

Speaking of The Dark Knight Rises, On Location Vacations report that sets are currently being built in Torrance, CA for the film. Pittsburgh isn’t getting all of the fun. Southern California will get some too. And, according to Batman News, it’ll then transition to New York sites like the NY Stock Exchange and the Queensboro Bridge.

You might remember VonToten‘s Spider-Man art from last week and now he’s back, thanks to Deviant Art and Geek Tyrant, with this Avengers themed piece called “Avengers Ante Up.”

Comic Book Movie has posted a slew of videos, including the one above, of Anne Hathaway‘s stunt double on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. Above you can ogle and analyze her suit more and, at that link, see more videos of her riding the Batpod and stuff.

Very cool Calvin & Hobbes Batman-inspired t-shirt from Shirtoid.

Topless Robot sure loves their lists and here’s another good one: 11 Reasons the DC Relaunch Might Not Suck. One example? “Cutting the Dead Wood.” Good point.

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