Want to see a close up image of the rumored new Batman vehicle in The Dark Knight Rises? (That’s not it above) How about an inside glimpse at the NASA-based set of The Avengers? What do Kevin Costner and Diane Lane look like on the set of Man of Steel? Does Anne Hathaway get offended when asked about her weight in The Dark Knight Rises? And what documentary inspired Andrew Garfield‘s movement in The Amazing Spider-Man? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Here’s your first look at Jason Patric as the star of the upcoming FX pilot Powers, based on the comic book series about detectives investigating superheroes. Thanks to the Chicago Sun-Times (via Daily BLAM).

This report from Cleveland.com (via Comic Book Movie) pretty much speaks for itself. It’s about The Avengers and there’s more Avengers below:

“The Avengers” film crew will film a series of exploding fireballs at the former Chevrolet Powertrain building Aug. 18 and 19. The explosions, with fireballs that will reach 30 feet into the air, are part of the filming sequence of battles that will begin in Cleveland on Monday. Text explosions will be performed on Thursday with the actual filming taking place on Friday, Aug. 19.

This Batman inspired speedboat, called the Spire Boat, isn’t from The Dark Knight Rises. This is real and will be unveiled at the Monacco Yacht Show next month and there are already almost 30 of them on order. People have too much money. Find out more on Gizmodo.

Comic Book Movie reports the trailer for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance should be in theaters next week.

This is great. Chris Van Vliet from WOIO in Cleveland asks Anne Hathaway about weight loss for The Dark Knight Rises. The clip comes from Comic Book Movie and if you hear over there, you can read more quotes from Hathaway about how great it is working with Christopher Nolan.

You probably read all about what movies are going to be presented at D23 next weekend, but Marvel Comics will be on hand as well to basically introduce themselves to the world. Thanks to Superhero Hype for running the following press release:

On Sunday, August 21, at 10:15 a.m. in the Arena, join us for Marvel: The House of Ideas, an exclusive and unprecedented experience that will take you through the evolution of Marvel from its first comic book in 1939 to its current position as one of the most important creative forces in the world. During this presentation, which will include interactive Q&A segments, you will not only get an inside glimpse of the history of Marvel and its iconic Super Heroes but also discover why Marvel truly is the House of Ideas. This session will be hosted by Joe Quesada, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer and one of the most respected and sought-after writers and artists in the entertainment industry.

Superhero deaths always make news, but they never stay dead. If you need proof, ForeverGeek has come up with a list of 12 Dead Superheroes Who Didn’t Stay Dead Forever such as Superman above.

The Wrap writes about a California investment firm employee whose girlfriend worked at Disney and gave him insider information on the acquisition of Marvel, allowing him to make a 3,000% profit in the stock market. He’s now being charged with insider trading.

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