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Has Joss Whedon finished the script for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Which superhero did Mads Mikkelsen audition for? What will the Ant-Man costume look like? Is Ben Affleck bulking up for Batman vs. Superman too soon? Did Chris Pratt read the Guardians of the Galaxy script before signing on? What does Mondo’s latest Watchmen poster look like? Which characters are joining Marvel Universe Live? Read about all this and more in today’s Superhero Bits.

Mark Ruffalo revealed on Twitter the script for Avengers: Age of Ultron is complete.

At a recent Q&AMads Mikkelsen revealed he auditioned to play Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four. It’s unclear if it was the new film or old one.

Machinima posted this Batman fan film that ties into the Christopher Nolan universe.

Speaking to Fandango (via SHH), Chris Pratt revealed he signed to play Star Lord before reading the script to Guardians of the Galaxy.

Peggy Carter Concept

Artist Christian Cordella (via CBM) posted a lot of Marvel concept art, including these looks at Peggy Carter.

Fun article by Badass Digest linking Superman and John F. Kennedy.

Thor Dark World End Credit

Claus Studios, via CBM, posted their paintings, which are used in the end credits of Thor: The Dark World.

Lee Pace and Michael Rooker talked to Sci-Fi Now about Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically how Pace’s role is so different and that James Gunn wrote Rooker’s role for him. Head to Comic Book Movie.

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