MovieBreak, via Comic Book Movie, got Alan Taylor to apologize to James Gunn for his comments about the credits scene in Thor: The Dark World.

Kevin Feige was on the Nerdist Podcast and talked ALL about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. CBM has a few choice quotes.

Alex Pardeen - Batman vs Superman

You can bid on exclusive Batman vs. Superman art, like this one by Alex Pardee.

Screenrant has a really good interview with Kevin Feige, including this quote about putting Thor and Ultron into the same movie:

Finding that balance has always been what that cinematic universe has been about. Iron Man is a very technological hero his movies are always technologically based. The first ‘Thor’ was all about introducing Asgard and Thor in that more fantastical realm into the more reality-based MCU, and explain that obviously it might look like magic, but it’s another form of science and technology. As we go into Ultron clearly he does come out of technology, but we’re using all of our tools at our disposal that we’ve established so far as part of the MCU to build the storyline of ‘Age of Ultron.’

Bryan Singer took to Twitter to reveal a little dialogue from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Thor: The Dark World helped push Disney past their global box office record.

Superman Flyby bust

This creepy image is a concept bust from the cancelled Superman: Flyby. Thanks to Tim Burton via CBM.

The 10 things Man of Steel got right, via

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